Associates Degree

The Fourth Year is one of the most intense grades. This is the level at which the student now delves into ministerial material, profound biblical / theological principles, and prophetic concepts such as Eschatology. In the doctrinal part the class of Christology makes an extremely deep and exhaustive study of the person of Jesus Christ.

The student must complete the Fourth Year by attending once a month for ten (10) months. (Generally the last Saturday of each month). Each class has a duration of 5 hours, thus completing the 50 hours required to cover the material taken from the courses in the curriculum.

Class Curriculum

1- Pastoral Counseling
2- Christology
3- Apologetics
4- Administration of Churches / Parliamentary Laws.

1- Pneumatology
2- Typology
3- Missiology
4- Interpersonal Relations and Ethics in the ministry

No diploma will be issued at any level, until the student has completed the minimum required hours equivalent to one year of work at that level.